Column published in the Smith County Pioneer, June 12, 2014

By El Dean Holthus

We hope to see many of you at the Home on the Range site on Saturday June 14 as we host the Sarah Steward Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at 2 pm to dedicate their new flag pole. Joyce Jones, president, has organized a patriotic program of dedication that will be a tribute to our Nation, our flag and the Home the Range site with its historical Cabin. The flag pole was donated by Gerald and Betty Caspers, conditioned and painted by Haven Manufacturing, was set by Dean Panter and Zack Hiller. Joe Stansbury, center monuments prepared the limestone marker for the base. We deeply appreciate Joyce’s leadership and the funding of the project by the Sarah Steward Chapter in providing this addition to the Site. We can now proudly fly Old Glory and the State Flag of Kansas at the birthplace of the State Song of Kansas, “Home on the Range”.

It is always exciting to hear where the story of the Cabin and the Song might have reached and who might be hearing it and re-telling it. We received this week a CD and note from Christopher Michael, Rivet News Radio, Chicago, Illinois. He had read of Home on the Range on the AP wire and decided to write a story and tribute for his stations; he recorded his story on the CD as a gift to us. At times it is difficult for me to grasp, as it also might be for the readers of this column, the national and international interest in our/your little Cabin on the Beaver.

Mr. Michael is the chief National/International News Anchor for Rivet News Radio in Chicago. Rivet news provides news to people around the world. He has been broadcasting for 46 years in the Chicago area over WGN and WMAQ. I intend to call him this week so as to establish regular contact for the news releases we might have in the future. It will be great for HOR to have a voice in Chicago to advertise our re-dedication in October.

The Video security system is in place and operating so Gerald and I plan to start adding the furnishings on Wednesday afternoon, weather permitting. We believe the addition of Gerald’s well crafted workmanship will provide a dimension to the Cabin never seen in our lifetime. We plan an open house later this spring or summer.

Site work continues on the nature walk as we develop the information stations with their data displays. Some of the stories have been written; Mike Saft, Graphics Central, is researching a way to print the data and pictures directly to the acrylic base. We are working to pattern them after the ones that line the entrance to the Kansas Museum in Topeka.

We invite you to spend a little time with us and the DAR on the 14th at 2 pm as we pay tribute to our history as a state and nation. Dr. Higley (Galen Larson) will be telling of practicing medicine in pioneer days and leading us in song.

If you have individual or a group visiting contact Gerald or I and we’ll strive to set a time to show you around.