Sealed Bid Auction to Benefit Home on the Range Cabin – Ellen Rust Living Trust

For Sale:

by Dodge City Marshal Allen D. Bailey

by Dodge City Marshal Allen D. Bailey

  • Framed 16″x20″ original painting ‘Neath the Lights of the Glittering Stars

Framed original 16×20″ acrylic painted on a masonite panel in August, 2014 by Dodge City Marshal Allen D. Bailey.

The painting captures the essence of Dr. Higley’s nature as described by Margaret Nelson in her book Home on the Range: “Sometimes in the evening Dr. would sit outside his cabin playing his violin and other times just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of his beloved homestead on the bank of the Beaver.”

DSCN1598Includes certificate of registration and mounted name plate which reads: ‘Neath The Lights Of The Glittering Stars, By Marshal Allen D. Bailey, 16″x20″ Acrylic.

Retail value $875. Minimum bid $500.

by Bo Rader, The Wichita Eagle

by Bo Rader, The Wichita Eagle

  • Framed 16″x20″ time lapse photo by Bo Rader, The Wichita Eagle

This framed time lapse photo is actually a series of about 500 digital photos that were taken the night of April 24-25, 2014. On this night, Wichita Eagle reporter Beccy Tanner stayed in the Home on the Range Cabin.

The Eagle’s senior photographer Bo Rader sent with Beccy one of the Eagle’s cameras that he had programmed to photograph the night sky and told her to point the camera to the North. She chose the location and turned the camera on. It was on a 20-second timer and shot about 2,000 photos throughout the night. Bo later compiled the series of photos, laying them upon one another to create a sense of stars and planets streaking through the night sky.

The time lapse photo creates a stunning image of  the fifth verse of the song “Home on the Range”: “How often at night when the heavens are bright, with the light from the glittering stars, have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed, if their glory exceeds that of ours. Home, home on the Range …”

Minimum bid of $100. (Please note: 10 of these framed prints will be sold by sealed bid auction to the 10 highest bidders.)

  • Chiefs VIP Experience 2015 hosted by Mitch and Tami Holthus

2 tickets to 2015 Kansas City Chiefs home game (TBA)
2 on field pre-game passes
One night hotel stay
Hosted by Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus and his wife Tami
Minimum bid of $500.

Instructions for placing a bid:

  1. Click here to print and complete the bid sheet or include the following information with your bid:  amount of your bid, your name, mailing address, phone number and email address
  2. Place your completed bid sheet in a sealed envelope and write the item you are bidding for on the outside of the envelope
  3. Place your sealed bid inside another envelope and submit at the Re-Dedication Event OR mail to:

El Dean Holthus
9082 130 Road
Smith Center, KS 66967

  • No bids sent by United States Postal service will be accepted after October 4th, 2014 regardless of post mark.
  • Bids will be accepted on site at Re-Dedication Event until 11 am on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
  • Sealed bids will be opened at 11:30 am on October 5, 2014.
  • Winning bids will be announced during the re-dedication ceremonies. Winners not in attendance will be notified.
  • Tie bids will be decided by a drawing if necessary.
  • Payment will be due upon notification of winning bid.
  • If not in attendance at Re-Dedication Event announcement of winning bid, item will be shipped to address provided on bid sheet.